Our value

Our Values

i3DESIGN wants to leave mark in the world of services for smart devices. Our team of specialists is eager to support your company’s smartphone and tablet strategies.

  1. 1. Professionalism

    It’s no secret that risk and innovation go hand-in-hand, and many companies prove to be irresponsible and careless while claiming that they provide unique services. With i3DESIGN, risk and venture are accompanied by thoughtfulness and responsibility. Most of our customers are large enterprises, so our goal is to satisfy all serious requirements represented by such companies. Our well-trained experienced team is able to apply advanced work methods and approaches to meet the demanding requirements of major corporations in the financial, communications, and manufacturing industries. Besides, as we provide high-quality services and our customers are satisfied with the work we do, we believe that they value our cooperation a lot.

    Although our prices are really competitive, we provide high-quality services, as we own a team of high skilled and devoted professional. Our business policy is to provide services we can be proud of and get appropriate compensation for.

  2. 2. An organization of highly skilled engineers

    Advanced technical capabilities are required for services and systems for smartphones as well as for front-end and user interface design. In addition to visual design capabilities, it’s required to handle complicated access, to possess perfect knowledge of client applications, and what’s most important, to know server side technology as well.

    i3design can boast of the expert team and stable frontend, server side, and cloud infrastructure that perfectly fulfill our customers’ requirements and even exceed their expectations. We provide stable solutions for large scale access smartphone apps and back up our clients’ services with our high-level technical resources.

  3. 3. Planning and proposals: bringing your business into the future

    Completing an order is not just about doing exactly what customer asks for. For us, our work is done perfectly only if we exceed customer’s expectations.

    When it comes to smartphones, the whole new mobile world without boundaries is in front of you. And it’s our great chance to use our thirst to knowledge to the benefit of our customers by offering the most up-to-date and innovative solutions and technologies.